We provide you with easy-to-use information and services that accelerate your ability to find and keep fulfilling employment.Applying for jobs online is easy but it lulls you into a false sense of accomplishment. Forbes estimates 122 people apply for a typical LinkedIn job. 24 will be invited for an interview, 4 will make it to the 2nd interview and 1 will be hired. Basically you have less than a 1% chance of getting the job if you just applied for. There is a better way.

Mega Trends Driving The Job Market:

  • The prices of goods and services are increasing rapidly forcing people to work longer and save less for retirement.

  • Job security is evaporating. Established and startup companies are transforming the landscape. New technologies challenge existing skill sets. The shrinking workforce is forced to be more productive.

  • Established industries are transforming: autos: electric cars; Power generation: solar, wind; retail: eCommerce; food: takeout, delivery; entertainment: streaming just to name a few. New Industries are forming, established industries are transforming or disappearing. Whole classes of jobs are disappearing or the skills requirements are evolving; secretaries, truck drivers, factory workers, lawyers, middle management, etc..

  • Creator Economy

  • Work from any location

  • Work hours and the definition of the workplace are fluid.

  • Artificial Intelligence is shrinking the need for high paid professionals.

  • Electronic monitoring in our personal and work lives is commonplace.

  • Wage growth is not keeping up with inflation.

  • Fewer companies offer company funded retirement plans.

These factors are pushing many of us to work later in life. Retirement funds may not enough to maintain our standard of living. However, If we keep honing your employable skills, actively seek out employment opportunities that are good fits for our skills and interests, stay active, take care of our mental and physical health and stay positive, we can find meaningful and fullfilling work.

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Job Search Process

1. Current Situation
2. Desired Career
3. Gap Identification
4. Networking
5. Personal Branding
6. Research Companies / Jobs
7. Reputation Management
8. Marketing Materials
9. Email & Voice Communications Eqpt
10. Social Media
11. References Prep.
12. Contact Companies
13. Virtual Interview Setup
14. Interview Prep.
15. Recruiters / Headhunters
16. Interviews
17. Followup Correspondence
18. Offers: Eval. / Accept / Rej
19. Letter Of Resignation
20. Start Job
21. Year 1: 30-90-180-365
22. Kaizen: Document, Prepare, Improve

Under Employed

2. DESIRED CAREERCareer Change
Change Industries
Rethinking The Career Ladder


Hiring Managers

Build A Powerful Network Even If You Are A IntrovertWhisper Network Helps People Get HiredIntroverts Can Master Networking


+Exclusive: How To Research A Company

Background Check Your Future Employer


Value Proposition Letters
Voicemail Scripts

Cover LetterThe New Rules For Cover Letters

9. RESUME10 Ways To Overcome Ageism While Job Hunting During Retirement
Resume WritingAge Proof Your ResumeAgeism On Your ResumeBeat Ageism On Your Resume3 Terms To Have On Your Resume5 Things Your Resume Doesn't NeedTop 5 Things Your Resume Doesn't NeedRecession Proof Skills Look Good On ResumePut These 5 Things On Your Resume8 Soft Skills That Are In DemandThe Perfect Resume According To Harvard

Mobile Phone


Whisper Network Helps People Get HiredLinkedinBuild A Professional Network On LinkedinYour Linkedin Social Strategy Needs More AttentionWrite A Linkedin BioOptimize Your Linkedin Profile Increase Your ChancesHow Often To Update Your Linkedin ProfileTop 10 Features To Grow Your Linkedin PresenceLinkedin Study Shows Which Connections Better During Job SearchExample of A Perfect Linkedin Profile SummaryA Social Theory Could Be The Key To Your Linkedin SuccessEasy Way To Make Your Linkedin Profile Stand OutYour Linkedin Profile Should Have These 7 ThingsAge Proof Your Linkedin ProfileHow To Hide Yourself On Linkedin


Letter Of RecommendationHow To Write A Strong Letter Of Recommendation

Snail Mail
Passive Aggressive Phrases In Emails

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)Video: Understanding The ATS SystemMost People Never Complete Online Job Applications5 Tips To Beat The ATS



Remote Job: How To Prepare Fore The Interview20 Rules To Ace Every InterviewAsk These QuestionsMost Important Question To Ask In Interview
Answers To Common QuestionsGoTo Answers For Tough Interview Questions3 Questions Hiring Managers Want You To AnswerTell Me About YourselfTell Me About Yourself IIWhy Should We Hire You-GeneralInterview Tips HR Wants You To KnowBehaviours To Avoid During An InterviewHow To Succeed In Your Next Job Interview
Stand Out From The Crowd3 Things To Help You Standout-Virtual Interview Prep


17. INTERVIEWSBody Language
Control The Tone of the Interview
Handling Salary Questions
Things Not To Do In InterviewAce The Final Round

Dress For InterviewsSoon

Ageism6 Habits That Make You Look Older



Ask For The Job Title You DeserveAsk For What You Want Before Taking A JobHybrid Work Job PerksHow To Answer Salary History QuestionHow Women Can Get What They Want In A NegotiationCompensationBenefits

20. LETTER OF RESIGNATIONHow To Quit Your Job On Good Terms

30 Day Plan
90 Day Plan

Worksheets (Weekly)
Linkedin (6months)

Economic Indicators

Jobs Added*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
07/22528,000Inflation, Gas Prices
06/22372,000Inflation, Gas Prices
05/22390,000Inflation, Shootings
04/22428,000Ukraine War
03/22431,000Ukraine War

Unemployment Rate*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
07/223.5%Inflation, Gas Prices
06/223.6%Inflation, Gas Prices
05/223.6%Inflation, Shootings
04/223.6%Ukraine War
03/223.6%Ukraine War

Labor Force Participation Rate*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
03/2262.4%Ukraine War

Bumps In The Road

Layoff Tracker11/09 - SalesForce To Cut 2,50011/09 - Pace Of Tech Layoffs Reach Pandemic Levels11/09 - Facebook to Fire 11,000 People11/09 - Facebook Begins Its Biggest Layoffs Ever11/09 - Redfin Workforce Shrunk 27% Since April10/20 - Stripe Announces Layoffs10/20 - Snap Lays Off 1,300 People10/20 - Elon To Layoff 75% Of Twitter Staff10/19 - Oracle Slows Hiring10/19 - Equifax spied on its employees then fired them10/17 - Microsoft Lays Off 1,000 People10/15 - Flipboard cuts 21% of staff10/13 - Intel planning thousands of cuts10/13 - Oracle lays off more than 200 California Workers10/13 - Will Outsourcing Kill US Whitecollar jobs10/12 - Remote Workers Worry They Might Be 1st Laidoff10/06 - Most CEOs Have Positive Growth Outlook09/30 - Unemployment Is About To Go Up09/30 - Facebook stock down 60% Year To Date09/30 - Facebook To Freeze Hiring & Cut Costs09/25 - Fed Says Unemployment Will Rise09/25 - Office Jobs At Risk In Next Recession09/21 - GAP Lays Off 500 People09/17 - US Housing Market In Deep Recession09/17 - Fedex Warns Of Potentially Deep Downturn08/22 - Ford Lays Off 3,000 employees08/05 - Global Semiconductor Sales Slowdown08/03 - SoundCloud Laidoff 20% Of Its Global Workforce06/30 - Finding Tech Job To Get More Difficult06/30 - Startup Investors Warn Gloom Ahead06/22 - Global Food Prices Falling05/23 - Most CEOs Bracing For Recession04/25 - Amazon Amazonitation of the American workforce04/25 - Amazon second Staten Island warehouse voting on unionization04/22 - Verizon raised its minimum wage to $20/hour04/22 - TikTok ad revenue to triple to $11B, surpassing Snapchat and Twitter combined04/08 - Have attitudes changed about working in the office04/08 - Walmart is raising the 1st-year pay range for new truck drivers to $95k - $110k and implement a private fleet development program to train new drivers.04/06 - Rivan delivered 1,227 vehicles in Q1. Produced 2,553 with 25,000 EOY (end of year) goal04/06 - Norway, Electric vehicles 82% of new car sales, Tesla Model Y has 20.4% market share

Fast Growing Companies

Linkedin Top Startups of 2022FT America's 500 Fastest Growing Companies 2022Inc 5000 Top Private Companies 2021Deloitte Fast 500 - 2020Forbes Small Giants 2020Forbes Small Giants 2018

Future Proof Your Career

Prepare For The FutureLearn To Be OnTimeWhat Is A Good JobFuture Of Work: Key Terms To KnowHunting For A Job During A RecessionStarting A New Career After 50Future Proof Your CareerDigital Literacy Is Non -NegotiableLinkedin Study Shows Who Actually Helps You Get A JobWhy You Are Being Rejected From Jobs You Qualify ForChanging Careers After 40Looking For A Job When You Are OlderHow To Be Employable ForeverA Shift To Skills Based OrganizationsVital Skills You Need In The Future WorkplaceTop Digital Transformation Skills

Act Your Wage

Performing the job as described in the job description, no more, no less. No extra hours, no volunteering.

Cashier Acts Her Wage

A.I.How To A.I. Proof Your JobA.I. To Replace Middle Management


The Case For Hiring Older WorkersBest Way To Respond To Ageism In WorkplaceFinding A Full-Time Job When You Are Over 50How To Avoid Getting Fired When You Are Over 50Ageism At Work Starts Earlier Than You ThinkWays Older Workers Combat Ageism

Career Change

Ultimate Career Change ChecklistHow To Change CareersHow To Make A Career ChangeMy Biggest Mistake Switching Careers3 People To Connect With When Changing Careers

Career Pause

Should You Accept A Lower Job After A Career Pause

Clandestine Contracting

Working full-time for multiple companies at the same without one or both of them knowing about it.

Some Remote Workers Work Multiple Full Time JobsNext Big Thing: Clandestine Contracting

CompensationPay Transparency: What Does It Mean

Dealing With Difficult CoWorkersHow To Deal With Co-Workers Who Are Always Late To MeetingsHow To Handle The 7 Types of Jerks at WorkPowerful Approaches For Working With Difficult PeopleDevelop Strong Conflict Resolution Skills3 Biggest Signs Of Passive Aggressive BehaviourWhat To Do If Someone GasLights You At WorkHow To Work With Difficult PeopleWhen Dealing With A Difficult ColleagueDevelop Your Listening SkillsSet Boundaries, Avoid Burnout

Digital Nomad

A person who can perform their job from anywhere even on the other side of the globe.

Southeast Asian Countries Launching Digital Nomad VisasIn Demand Remote Jobs3 Top Skills You Need To Work From AnywhereFind Remote Work That Matches Your Values

EDUCATION / TRAINING / CERTIFICATES / CREDENTIALS1,700+ Free Online Courses200+ Online Certificate & Credintial ProgramsDo Online Degrees Reliably Lead To JobsHow Useful Are Online CertificatesUBC Offering Dozens Of Free CoursesBest Linkedin Courses To Improve Communication

Four Free Online Computer Science Courses
Free Python For Data Science CourseLearn To Code OnLineWeb Development
Learn Website Development Online

Create Folders In Gmail

Microsoft ExcelEnable Macros In Excel To AutomateExcel Tricks To Make You A Spreadsheet ProCreate A Table In ExcelExcel Tips Become Spreedsheet ProDisplay Multiple Grand Total Rows In Excel Pivot TableExtract Delimited Data Using ExcelCreate Heat Map In ExcelInsert PDF into Excel

Microsoft WordWord Tips You Need To KnowChange Page Orientation In Middle Of A Word Document

Emotional IntelligenceEmotionally Intelligent People Embrace 5 Rules

Employee TrackingEmployers Ramping Up Employee TrackingRemote Workers Increasingly SurveilledMany Companies Have Implemented Constant SurveillanceBoss Spying On You - Surveillance Software

Employee Value PropositionWhats Your Employee Value Proposition

First ImpressionHow To Make A Great 1st Impression

Four Day Work Week4 Day Work Week Companies Seeing Surge In Applicants

General6 Qualities That Will Get You Hired6 Words To Embrace, Jumpstart Your Career

Hybrid / Remote WorkMust Have Skills For Remote / Hybrid Workers5Things To Know When Starting A Remote JobWhat Is A Hybrid Work Model13 High Rated Companies Offering Hybrid or Remote WorkMastering Remote Work As Employee or OwnerIn Demand Remote JobsHybrid Work PerksImpress Your Boss In A Hybrid Work EnvironmentMake Work From Home - Work For YouBad Work From Home PolicyRemote Workers Insist They Are ProductiveHybrid Workers May Be Forced To Return To The OfficeHybrid Offices Make It Difficult To Form Work Friendships

Job LossBest Self Help Books To Read After Losing A Job

LegalFired For Refusing To Keep Webcam On

Micro AggressionsRecognizing Micro Aggressions

NetworkingGrow Your Network Without Losing CredibilityDevelop Your Network

Quiet QuittingThe Staying Power Of Quiet QuitingWhy Are People Quiet Quitting

ResignationEveryone May Need A Quitting Coach

Thought LeaderBecome A Thought Leader In Your Industry

Toxic BossesSetting Strong Work Boundaries10 Tips For Dealing With A Toxic BossSigns You Work For Abusive Boss

UpSkilling / Learning PlanComing Soon

Work-Life BalanceCommon Work Life Balance Mistakes25 Big Companies With Work-Life Balance

Workplace InequalityRooting Out Masculine Defaults in the Workplace


Retire In Stages6 Types Of Retirement Income Thats Not Taxable

Fast Rising Careers

OccupationGrowth Rate 2021-31Median Pay Yr
Nurse Practitioners46%120.6k
Wind Turbine Service Tech45%56.2k
Data Scientist36%100.9k
Information Security Analysts35%102.6k
Web Developers30%$77k
Medical & Health Services Mgrs30%$101k
Physician Assistants28%$122k
Physical Therapists Assistants26%$61k

Top Skills For The Future
Top Digital Transformation Skills
Top Digital Growth Areas

Salary Info
State Of 2022 Tech Salaries

Data Science CareerData Science Portfolio That Will Land You A Job7 Free Platforms For Building A Data Science PortfolioCheat Sheets To Ace Data Science InterviewHow To Use Datawrapper For VisualizationsAdvanced SQL Interview QuestionsMost Common Data Modeling Mistakes

In Demand JobsRemote Jobs That Pay More Than $100k/YrLow-Stress Jobs that Pay over $100kJobs That Pay More Than You Think

Gigs, Side Hustles & Biz Ideas

8 Easy Side Hustles From Your Computer51 Side Hustle Ideas27 Great Small Business Ideas19 Home Business IdeasMake $50k/Yr In Passive IncomeFind Freelance Jobs on Linkedin7 Side Hustles That Can Make You Thousands4 Gigs that cost nothing to startWoman Makes $15k/Month Selling On AmazonHow Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money On InstagramMake $177k Renting BackYard To StrangersHow Photo Editor Made $110k Photoshopping Dog PicturesTop Side Hustles That Make Money While You Sleep44 Profitable Ideas To Make MoneyMake Money While You SleepThe Best Skill For Starting A Side HustleLaunch A Real Estate Side HustleSelling Stuff As A Side Hustle44 Profitable Ideas For Side Hustles50 Trending Side HustlesCreate Steady Income In Retirement5 Passive Income IdeasTop Work From Home Side HustlesSide Hustles And Taxes8 Best Side Gigs For Gen-Z6 Lesser-Known Side HustlesPopular Side Hustles10 Side HustlesHow they became rich thru side Hustles50 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying More Than the Average American Salary 22 gigs that may be better than a full-time job 9 Up and coming side hustles

Side Hustle Success Stories$133k Last Year Selling PoshMark$10k/Month Passive Income$600/Day Side HustleHow influencers get money directly from TikTokEntrepreneur Makes $30k/Month From YoutubePersonal Brand Consultant $297k In 18 Months


AGEISMJob Seekers Over 50

DIGITAL DIRT REMOVALRemove Your Personal Info From Google Search ResultsRemove Your Personal Info From People Search WebSitesHow To Hide Yourself On Linkedin


LADDERSJob Seekers Over 50

LINKTREELinktree Examples

PERSONAL BRAND8 Rules Of Personal Branding20 ways to build personal BrandBuild A Personal Digital BrandCreate Your Brand With White PaperUse Social Media To Build Your Brand

PHONE RECORDSFind Identity Of Unknown Callers For FreeRemove Phone & Email From Facebook

PROJECT MANAGEMENTTaskade - Project Kickoff ChecklistHuntr

RESEARCH COMPANYOwler: Research Companies

WEB SITES / LANDING PAGESWebsite BuildingCreate Mini Website In 10 Minutes


Calendly - Online Scheduling
Research Companies
Company Lists
Digital Dirt Removal
Interview Prep.
Reference Verification
Project Manage

Hot Industries


Fast Company
Harvard Business Review
KD Nuggets
Make Use Of
PC Magazine
Sloan Review
Tech Republic
The Boss

Living Trust

US Economy





Infographic: More Workers In Solar Than Fossil Fuel Power Generation | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

ai / Robotics


The U.S. Is Running Out of Nurses


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