This site is targeted at professionals, 55 or older, looking for a suitable job. Below is the macro environment we are living in:

  • The prices of goods and services are rapidly increasing.

  • Job security is evaporating. Established and startup companies often go out of business. Reorgs happen.

  • New Industries are forming, established industries are transforming or disappearing. Whole classes of jobs are disappearing or the skills requirements are evolving; secretaries, truck drivers, factory workers, lawyers, middle management, etc..

  • Work hours and the definition of the workplace are fluid.

  • Electronic monitoring in our personal and work lives is commonplace.

  • Wage growth is not keeping up with inflation.

  • Fewer companies offer company funded retirement plans.

These factors are pushing many of us to work later in life. Retirement funds may not enough to maintain our standard of living. However, If we keep honing your employable skills, actively seek out employment opportunities that are good fits for our skills and interests, stay active, take care of our mental and physical health and stay positive, we can find meaningful and fullfilling work.

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On Our Radar

08/05 - Global Semiconductor Sales Slowdown08/03 - SoundCloud Laidoff 20% Of Its Global Workforce05/23 - Most CEOs Bracing For Recession04/25 - Amazon Amazonitation of the American workforce04/25 - Amazon second Staten Island warehouse voting on unionization04/22 - Verizon raised its minimum wage to $20/hour04/22 - TikTok ad revenue to triple to $11B, surpassing Snapchat and Twitter combined04/08 - Have attitudes changed about working in the office04/08 - Walmart is raising the 1st-year pay range for new truck drivers to $95k - $110k and implement a private fleet development program to train new drivers.04/06 - Rivan delivered 1,227 vehicles in Q1. Produced 2,553 with 25,000 EOY (end of year) goal04/06 - Norway, Electric vehicles 82% of new car sales, Tesla Model Y has 20.4% market share

Hot Industries

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Job Data

Jobs Added*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
07/22528,000Inflation, Gas Prices
06/22372,000Inflation, Gas Prices
05/22390,000Inflation, Shootings
04/22428,000Ukraine War
03/22431,000Ukraine War

Unemployment Rate*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
07/223.5%Inflation, Gas Prices
06/223.6%Inflation, Gas Prices
05/223.6%Inflation, Shootings
04/223.6%Ukraine War
03/223.6%Ukraine War

Labor Force Participation Rate*

Month/YearNumberMajor Event
03/2262.4%Ukraine War

*Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Economy

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Growth Companies

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Infographic: More Workers In Solar Than Fossil Fuel Power Generation | Statista
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The U.S. Is Running Out of Nurses


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